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Explore the Extraordinary and...

Experience Grand Excitement ... in Everything You Do

Dear Friend,

Life can seem so ordinary.

Day becomes night.  Night turns to day.  One season flows to the next as the earth confidently makes its way around the sun.

And one's daily life can take on a similar repetition: a feeling of predictability that's both dull and comforting ... until one can hardly imagine anything different.

Do you appreciate the mind numbing resonation of this bland repetition?

If so, don't become fooled by the monotony.  Because always when you least expect it - something extraordinary happens...

And your life is changed forever!

An Invitation to Consider the  "Fat Tails" of Life

Here at Direct Expressions, we like to explore the extraordinary.

The things conventional science can't predict or explain ... the odd anomaly occurrences ... the "Fat Tail" events - at the far end of the bell curve - that statisticians say aren't supposed to happen; but do.

I repeat, it's the extraordinary where we like to delve.

And in this pursuit, we allow ourselves the freedom to deviate form the physical ... to the metaphysical.  For it's here that we find grand excitement and a broader - more fulfilling - existence.

If you like to wonder ... imagine ... and consider different ideas - Welcome!

And if you are hesitantly interested in ... cautiously curious about ... or categorically against different ideas - we warmly encourage you to hang around...

You will pleasantly surprised by the delight and power of conjecture and imagination.

Best Regards,

M.N. Gordon
President and Founder
Direct Expressions LLC

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